AD7768 Sample Data

Discussion created by NiallM Employee on Jul 21, 2016

The AD7768/AD7768-4 24 bit sigma delta ADC offers multiple power modes and decimation rates for scaling both power and bandwidth. There is also the option to use sinc or wideband filters and turn on or off analog pre-charge buffers, among many other configurable options. To evaluate some of these different combinations the EVAL-AD7768 web page now offers a sample data set with real data for post processing analysis. This can allow potential users of the part the opportunity to analyse data taken from the AD7768 customer evaluation board while waiting for an evaluation board order to arrive, thus minimizing their development time. There is therefore the possibility to post process the data or begin modelling of the digital end of the system.


The sample data includes data for different signal amplitude levels, sinc and wideband filtering options and multiple power modes at an input frequency of 1kHz. The typical power for each of these scenarios is also listed for the entire evaluation board system. This power consumed includes the AD7768 itself, the ADA4896-2 driver amplifers, ADR444 reference, ADA4841 reference buffer, ADP7118 LDOs for each power rail and the ADM1185 for power sequencing.


The data can be found on the evaluation board web pages for both the AD7768 and AD7768-4 under the Documentation section.

EVAL-AD7768 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices 

EVAL-AD7768-4 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices