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why cc21k.exe doesn't create output folder when used in makefile

Question asked by alex.buisson on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by alex.buisson


I used Visual DSP to build a simple library and when I use the IDE, all intermediate and final output goes into specific output location (relative folder) and it works fine


Now I want to autmoate a bit more to be able to build that lib using a command line with different Prepocessor defintion. So I exported makefile and after some customization to configure a Preprocessor through 'make' argument it worked !


But after a clean of my working copy I realized that I worked only because all the output folder were already created.

In fact:

cc21k.exe -proc ADSP-21369 -build-lib -o ..\..\..\build\Debug\RangeId.dlb ..\..\..\intermediate\Debug\RangeId\RangeId.doj

only work if '..\..\..\build\Debug\' is an existing folder ......


have you a trick to solve that issue ?