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ADAU1452 Multi Channels Signal Routing

Question asked by henry-tang on Jul 21, 2016
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Dear Sir/Madam,


I have some questions about ADAU1452’s input and output clock and channel routing.


In this project, I have three main audio inputs from input side continuously and the detailed spec are listed as below :



Block Diagram.png

Input A : 48kHz, Signal from ADAU1978, transmit through TDM16

Input B : 48kHz, Signal from ADAU1361, transmit through I2S.

Input C : 48kHz (may up to 96kHz), Signal from SPDIF Rx, transmit through SPDIF


Output : 48kHz, transmit through TDM16, total 12 channels. 

And the ADAU1452 will select some of them and route to output channels as user’s configuration.



Let me take some user cases as examples: 






Based on above case example, here are my questions :

Q1. Can ADAU1452 receive three audio formats and transfer them into TDM16 format signal and send to output side?

Q2. Will I need to use ASRC if SPDIF’s sampling rate may be up to 96KHz?

Q3. Is there any risk or unreasonable design in this project?


Any suggestion or opinion is highly appreciated.


Best Regards,