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Question asked by Stanoneal on Jul 21, 2016
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I am new to Zynq and FPGA programming so any advice is greatly appreciated.


I intend to FFT the signal from the receive path from AD9361, here are some of my queries:


1) If I want to FFT the receive signal, do I place the FFT IP block after the "AD9361 adc dma"? Is there any documentation on this "AD9361 adc dma" IP?

2) Is this "AD9361 adc dma" a actual DMA, or is it just a controller interfacing with another DMA?

3) How do I connect the "AD9361 adc dma" ports to the "AXI FFT" block? Do I need to instantiate another DMA block after "AD9361 adc dma" block and use this new DMA block to connect to the "AXI FFT"?