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AD5272 - Circuit problem

Question asked by TigerClaw on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2016 by msamera


I am trying to use the ad5272 as a DAC to write voltage and read it out with a ADC. But I have problems with the circuit because I only know Digital Poti's with A and B terminal. But this is a rheostat with Terminal A and wiper W.

I connected A to VDD and VSS to 0V(GND). Pin "W" is my written value (output voltage).



I execute Command 7 as 0x1c02 to enable RDAC-wiper-mode. But if I writte 1024 (Command 2 + value "0") I get VDD on Pin W. I cannot change the value or maybe I change it inside the AD5272 but I get VDD at Pin "W". What is wrong?