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ADuC7061: finding out revision number & I2C clock stretching

Question asked by AlexanderL on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by ABuda


i want to use an ADuC7061 as I2C-slave and want to enable clock stretching. After quite some time, i realised that EVAL-ADuC7060 eval-board is revision A1, but apparently i need revision B to use clock stretching. Now, i have a hardware prototype with an ADuC7061, but i cannot figure out which revision it is. Is it possible to identify this via the attached picture?




While we're at it: I read the manual, but am not completely sure how to use clock stretching. I'm assuming that i have to enable I2CSSEN once, and the device will hold SCL low when the rx-FIFO buffer is full / when the tx-FIFO buffer is empty. Is this correct?

In my program, I2C transmisson fails relatively often, because i have too many other interrupts (ADC readings, UART transmission).