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EVAL-ADIS with ADIS16000 - blocked at "register value 0" error

Question asked by evangifford on Jul 20, 2016
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We have purchased and received a EVAL-ADISZ, ADIS16COM1/PCBZ, ADIS16229 and ADIS16000 for evaluation under Windows 7 PRO 64 bit for industrial machine health monitoring application.


(We will eventually move to ADIS16227 with a different RF link, but our current needs are a quick evaluation of the principal)

I have assembled the boards (using ESD precautions) and followed driver and software installation instructions provided on this link: ADIS16000/ADIS16229 Evaluation with EVAL-ADIS [Analog Devices Wiki]

I am completely blocked at this point in the Vibration Evaluation software and cannot continue.


I can successfully connect from the PC to the EVAL-ADIS - confirmed in USB menu, however, it appears to me that the EVAL-ADIS cannot connect to the ADIS16000.






To troubleshoot, I have disassembled then re-assembled the cards - verifying all connectors are firmly connected and aligned (and no bent pins, etc). I have plugged the EVAL-ADIS into computer USB - waited 40 seconds - then open Vibration Evaluation software.

I get the above error, sometimes the "register value, 0"  will occasionally change to "register value, 485" or some other seemingly random number but it is mostly 0. a


Please help with this problem,