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AD9361 digital filters

Question asked by Peter_Qu on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Peter_Qu

Hello!  I have some questions as folllow to ask.

1. What is the impact of the digital filters(HB3, HB2, HB1, Pro FIR)? If I disable them, are there any influence?

2.When I disable HB2, HB1, Pro FIR(0x002=0x50, 0x003=0x50), the received signal appear Waveform burr. It seems like that Superimposed high frequency component.But I set 0x002=0x5e or 0x5c, 0x003=0x5e or 0x5c,it works well.How to explain this? Are there any registers influence it?

1)0x002=0x50, 0x003=0x50, ADC_RATE=DAC_RATE=245.76MHz:


2)0x002=0x5e or 0x5c, 0x003=0x5e or 0x5c, ADC_RATE=DAC_RATE=245.76MHz: