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Compile Error in Project with Different DSP types

Question asked by pbthesp on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by pbthesp

I tried to create a project using an ADAU1452 and multiple ADAU1761 however I get a compile error.

The error seems to be around a Mono Switch Nx1 block assigned to the ADAU1761 though there may be others.

I'm guessing its been implemented in 1542 code and the compiled with the 1761 compiler.


AN example error is (which annoyingly I cant copy and paste from the dialogue box)

"Unknown instruction found:

// CELL:1761_Select, ALG;monomuxSigma300ns2 at instance - 1761_select

line number -1"


See the attached simplified project file.


I have split the DSP types across two project files as a work around.