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Analog Microphone or PDM Microphone

Question asked by Bimal on Jul 20, 2016
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We are working on one product, were we need to get microphone data with different sample rate like (8kHz, 16.5kHz, 44.1kHz).

I searched for the same and have some queries regarding the same as below:

As we need to have different sampling rate of Audio, we can't use the I2S Digital Microphone.

But there is an confusion on Analog & PDM Microphone.

I understand that Analog Microphone + Audio Codec can be implemented for configurable sample rate. But what about PDM Microphone + PDM receiver with Decimation filter to get the desired sample rate?

Does the PDM Mic+PDM Recceiver with Decimation filter will do the job of desired sample rate with good quality or i need to follow Analog Microphone + Audio Codec the approach for good performance?


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