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AD9912 eval board power connections

Question asked by DanCA on Aug 3, 2011
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I am trying to supply the DC power requirements for the AD9912 evaluation board (Rev. B). According to the instructions, DC power at various voltages is required at the connector noted as "TB1" as well as at various SMA connectors. I am confused as to the best mating connector to use in this case; I should note that I am not an EE expert, rather a physical chemist, so I apologize if this is an overly simple question.


Specifically, "TB1" is a Weiland Plug 25.602.2553.0 and Terminal Strip Z5.530.3525.0, according to the BOM for the eval board. What is the appropriate mating connector, such that I can easily connect/remove power to the board?


As for the SMA connectors, I guess I could just plug in some adapters to BNC and then solder power cables onto a loose BNC connector to go into the adapter...I was just curious if there is some standard SMA -> +/- solder post adapter I'm not familiar with that would be a bit simpler.