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Indoor Occupancy FileIO Example

Question asked by Stephanie_Lee on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by npai2

I'm using the Indoor Occupancy FileIO Example with the BLIP2. I ran it and was able to see the demo_indoors_curr.yuv video with the bounding boxes as shown in the documentation. Is it possible to modify which video it uses for the demo? Also, does that video have to be in the eyuv file extension or could it simply be in any yuv extension?


I'm primarily interested in evaluating the algorithm by running it offline on many prerecorded videos, labeling the data with some ground truth occupancy, and determining how well it performs. I was thinking of modifying the code in the track_main.c file and writing the blobs info to a .dat file, similar to the AD VisionSensor GUI. Otherwise, is there a simpler way to use the AD VisionSensor GUI to run the indoor occupancy algorithm on videos from a PC, rather than real time through the BLIP2 board?