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About Self-Nested ISRs of BF706, BF707

Question asked by SJ.KIM on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by Jithul_Janardhanan


I am using BF707 ezkit board and BF706 mini board.

My code uses the USB, Timers, SPORT, DMA interrupts.

My code does not work after 5,000~6,000 times iteration.


I found the report named "ABOUT ADSP-BF700/701/702/703/704/705/706/707 SILICON ANOMALIES  in June 16. 2016".

And, it states that  "18.19000054 - Dynamic Branch Prediction During Self-Nested ISRs Causes Unpredictable Results"

Also, it states that  "The simplest workaround is to globally disable dynamic branch prediction by clearing the SYSCFG.BPEN bit"


I'd like to know if there is any possibility that my code error relates to this silicon anomaly 18, 19000054.

And, in this case, how can I add the code to clear SYSCFG.BPEN bit in my code.

I could not found the SYSCFG register address or something like that in the library.


Thank you for reading.


SJ Kim