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ADAU 1452 Compressor / Volume Issue

Question asked by skhan on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by DaveThib

Hallo Everyone


I am using ADAU 1452 EVALMINIZ board with SigmaStudio 3.12 (64 bit version) on windows 8.1 pc


On my last post (ADAU-1452 Compressor Booming ) i mentioned about having an issue with the volume level and a suggestion from KJ Bob did solve that isse.


But it seems like now that i have some more issues with the volume level. I have the following setup with my compressor on the output side, i am using SPDIF input

The problem i have is from time to time the volume goes higher in level. To make the issue clear if make a change in my EQ filter frequency or Q or i delete a wire and connect it in again in same place in the schematic the volume goes almost two times higher in level with all the other setup being the same. If i load a file that was saved earlier as a backup and has the same setup the volume comes back to normal level again. The surprising part is this does not happen every time i make a change in my schematic, this just happens once in a while for example i remove a wire and connect it again, and the volume goes higher.


So what i tried next is i copied the compressor from my backup version and put in my new version where the sound is loud and this time the sound goes almost 2 times down than the normal level.


I have no clue where is problem comes from, i tried the 32 bit version of sigma studio and i have the same problem. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue?