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MLSSA and Auto EQ Algorithm

Question asked by gr4eme on Jul 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by H.-Jürgen

Hi Guys,


Looking at these two algorithm is there a maximum number of data points?


I ask as lets face facts MLSA is dead as a measurement system and whilst i have a deep love having worked on it for 18 years its just not being supported as far as i can tell. No machines have a full length ISA slot let alone the required bus speed and the software was last updated to run windows 98.


Now most modern measurement systems will output FFT data which i have done on my system and i have then formatted this to look the same as the MLSSA files but its not importing and my guess is the shear number of data points modern systems generate is the issue.


Now if this is the case can some one let me know the exact number that is supported so i can remove enough to hack these algorithms to work.


Any insight into how these are setup would be a great help I'm sure to others not just myself


Thanks as allways