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question about FMCDAQ2 NO-OS ILA

Question asked by Xu-Kevin on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by AdrianC


I'm trying to setup Vivado project with FMCDAQ2 card on Vivado 15.2. I see that project setup is complete and when I run SDK. UART Log also looks fine. After this, I was trying to probe ADC data using ILA. I connected the ILA to axi_ad9680/adc_data* and adc_valid* pins and use adc_clk as a ILA clock.

I think adc_data0[15:0]  is ADC0 sample N,  adc_data0[31:16] is ADC0 sample N+1, adc_data0[47:32] is ADC0out  sample N+2, adc_data0[63:48] is ADC0 sample N+3.

Am I right about adc_data?

Then I probe them separately in ILA,  change the wave style to analog ,but I can't see the sine wave .

Are there something wrong ?