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ADuC7061 wake-up

Question asked by ADuCdude on Aug 3, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by ADuCdude

I am using ADuC 7061 as a battery powered measurement system.

The system is build to measure voltages every time i send a command to do so via UART.

As the system is battery powered the primary goal is to reduce power consumption of the circuit to a minimum.

So far I use ADC0 (single ended) in single conversion mode and send it to sleep when measurement has been done.

Additional i power down Xtal, the PWM and I2C/SPI module and use a core clock of 1.28MHz (Uart running at 9k6).

All in all this leaves me with 1.6mA current consumption.


Now i want to further reduce power consumption by sending the device into sleep mode but i wonder how to wake it up -

I found timer1 to be a wake up timer but i need the device to wake up on external command (GPIO / UART) -

How can I power up the Device when the Core is powered down ?

Is timer 1 the only possibility to wake up the device ? or are there other wake up events ?

I can not find anything about wake up events in the datasheet except for timer 1 .


Are there additional possibilities to further reduche power consumption to a minimum ?


Thanks for any comment