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2x AD9361 placement recommendation

Question asked by Quamstar on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by sripad



I'am working on a 2x AD9361 Design (similar to the FMCOMMS5-EZB) and want to keep the design as small as possible. I didn't found any guidelines or recommendation of placment (except the routing guidelines for a single chip).

Do you think that there is a critical distance where both Transceiver can interfere each other (e.g. EMC). On the FMCOMMS5-EZB the distance is about 90-100mm, which seems to be very long. But i don't think that they have design the  the eval board to be small (major design-driver will be the FMC connectors).


I kept in mind that there could be some issue with the transmission lines (overtalking) by placing them with a to short distance. From this perspective of view i would say to keep them differential as long as needed and as short as possible.