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Question asked by Quamstar on Jul 15, 2016
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Hi Guys,


i use a FMCOMMS5-EZB with an ZC706 Eval Board. Right now, i try to understand the sync process of both ICs via the provided No-OS driver. The process itselfs seems to work, since both AD9361 were initialzed correctly.


Starting from the Vivado reference design and figure out where the Sync_in signal is ported to (Pin W25 of the ZC707 Zynq, and AA9 for the ZC702 Zynq) and how the NO-OS driver is triggering this GPIO. At this point i need your support. I can not follow the driver, how the function exactly knows how to trigger this dedicated PIN. I noticed that you have defined the GPIO_SYNC to 99, but i have no clue what that means (is this a adress to the Pin)


I hope i could explain what i was looking for and you can help me out.


Thanks and regards