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Frequency in high volt, low HZ

Question asked by misled on Aug 2, 2011

Gentlemen (and ladies) I am a basic homewire electrician, not at all on par in this domain, so please forgive this intrusion. I am hoping for a yes or no type response to my query. I am attempting an experimental home power source, My question is about the possibility of creating a fluctuating frequency A/C power signal using mechanical means,(wind/solar) combining more than one A/C signal to others and then finally correcting these voltages from the 120/240 strength fluctuating frequencies directly into one steady 60hz sine. Is this possible through electronic device, or must these types of signals pass through D/C changes to arrive at a steady 60 hz? I sort of 'get' converter and diode type A/C to D/C  changes like common alternators, but I want to eliminate as many changes as possible. On the bright side, I do promise not to ask anymore questions. Thank you for any reply to