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Strange behavior in Energy Registers

Question asked by mamech on Jul 14, 2016
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Currently I am calibrating ADE7953, and I noticed something strange regarding its energy register values.

when I was calibrating Vrms and Irms, the values of registers were changing in logical manner relative to the changing in input, for example, if I give V= 110, I get value in Vrms register, and if I enter V=220, I get the double of the previous value. But this is not happening with energy register.

in active energy register , I get a value similar to FFFExx for load in range of 88 Watts , and I get FFFExx for a load in range of 286 watts !!!  (The load was 2 lamps)

even if I change the line cycle period, for 0.5 sec, 1 sec, 10 sec, no big change in results!

in other words, the only change that happens is not in the entire Energy register, but only in the first 2 hexadecimal numbers, as if the register is 8 bits register not 24 bits register!

why there are always FFFE in the beginning of the number? and why the change is not the same as what happens in current and voltage registers? ow can I get better resolution with Energy register??