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10mVp-p, 1nAp-p Signals Through ADG1606

Question asked by Hunter235711 on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by mayp

I am designing a calibration board that switches in different precision resistors to calibrate a resistance meter in an automated way. I was looking at using the ADG1606 to switch among several different resistances, and a 10mVp-p 100kHz signal will be applied to which ever resistor is selected and the current flowing into it will be measured. The resistances will vary across several orders of magnitude from 100 to 10M. I am assuming that the on resistance of the ADG1606 will be approximately 4.5ohms, but other than this are there any other inaccuracies inherent in using an analog switch with such small signals (10mVp-p, 1nAp-p for 10M)?