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Question asked by eeknlau on Jul 14, 2016
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I am setting up AD-FMCOMMS3 on VC707 FPGA using no OS API driver (on micro blaze). I wonder if there is any example on how to capture I/Q raw data in burst mode to my PC host (windows). Precisely, how to capture a burst of I/Q data from ADC to DDR and how to read the burst of I/Q data from DDR to my host PC? I browsed the git for the source codes and I noticed there are a few related functions but I have no idea how to use those.

1) adc_read() in adc_core.c

2) adc_capture() in adc_core.c

3) axiadc_read() in platform.c


Furthermore, I wonder if it is possible to use IIO interface at the host PC along with no OS API driver on micro blaze?


Thanks a lot