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Can Automatic Calibrations Affect Raw Output Values?

Question asked by Dave_Tripp on Jul 14, 2016
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I'm using an AD7147 right now, and I'm wondering if the automatic environmental calibrations and continuous threshold calibrations that occur in the chip have any effects on the raw CDC value that is output from the chip? I'm trying to use the chip for a pressure sensing application, so I'm really only interested in the difference between the baseline and the measure when force is applied. After a weight is applied and then removed the CDC value can take a while (up to 15s) to return to its original value, and the value will sometimes climb for a few seconds after a weight is applied (when it should be constant).


I'm also a bit confused about which register settings for STAGEX_OFFSET_HIGH_CLAMP, and STAGEX_SENSITIVITY i should be using for this application. Right now I have set the clamp to be a bit more than the highest value I get when applying weight, and have set the sensitivity to 95.32%. I don't care about proximity sensing because I am just worried about changing CDC output when force is applied.