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I want to know the problem of my setting in AD5933

Question asked by JIMMYKOREAN on Jul 14, 2016
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Now I am using AD5933 for measuring the impedance


But, I didn't get the right value


Here is my setting value in AD5933 EVALUATION BOARD SOFTWARE Rev.B


-Output excitation: 0.2Vpp, DDS setting time cycles: X2(Double), PGA control: x5, Resistor value R1: 153k,

  Calibration Impedance: Only R1, Calibration gain factor: multi-point frequency calibration


First, Range of Zmin and Zmax : Zmin=>10k,  Zmax=> 450k

         So, I use the RFB:  1757ohm, Rcal: 153K

I thought I could get the 430k from AD5933 as I set the range of value (Zmin~Zmax)


But i couldn't get the right value in 430K


Please help me what is the problem?