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How to use SPI bypass with AD5360 eval board

Question asked by medoucha on Jul 14, 2016
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I am trying to move away from using the usb interface on the eval board and start to look at using my own controller. Firstly, to test the bypass of the USB interface, I made a connector to attach to the J3 header and use SPI to communicate with the DAC with a labjack U3-LV and Matlab. Currently I have the labjack connected to Din (I am assuming this is the MISO), SCLK, and SYNC (assuming this is CS?). CLR and RESET are held at 5V and LDAC is attached to a push button switch that brings it to low when the button is activated.

I am currently sending 6 bytes of data to the DIN port (Decimal 200 63 255 200 63 255). It is my understanding that this should be sending 0xC83FFF which should correspond to activating the first channel at ~5V output. I have verified that I am output of the MOSI pin on the Labjack is outputting the proper bytes (by connecting labjack MISO and MOSI). I am transmitting with SPI Mode 0 with a max clock rate of 100kHz.

I have not seen any updates on the output of the DAC.


I have also testing briefly with an Arduino UNO, however I was not able to verify the output of the SPI interface of the arduino.


Does anything stick out as wrong to begin with? I am not very familiar with microcontrollers or SPI interfaces.