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Driving AD8302 using OP-amp

Question asked by Gaurav@123 on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2016 by jdobler


i am using AD8302 for gain and phase detection of two signals.

if i make use of only evaluation board supplying input signals from AFG3102C signal generator then i am getting perfect results in terms of Vmag. But

1. In case of Vphs it is changing with change in input signal amplitude. why it's happening?

2. when i give AD8302 INPB input directly from signal generator of 100mv(p-p),1Mhz and another input (INPA) is given using an op-amp (output of op-amp is the input of INPA) at same output level (100mv,1Mhz), Vmag and vphs gets changed.

its a very serious problem i think. please guide me to overcome this problem asap.

i appreciate your suggestions in advance.



Harman baweja