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ADXRS290 drift compensation and bias stability

Question asked by marky on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by STallur


I am using ADXRS290 gyro and i will be happy if someone can help me with the next issues:


regarding to drift compensation , i read many articles about this topic and i am still very confused:

for drift caused by temperature - i am planing to sample the gyro output (4000 khz for 30 sec) to estimate the offset for each temperature , is this method will give me satisfying results ?

figure 5 shows curves of drift vs temperature and they are very inconsistent  ,(what does the N=16 number means? ).

i dont really understand how can it  be possible to compensate that behavior, every curve behaves very different  , is that caused by bias stability?

i also tried to use the high pass filter -  it gave very good results for the offset correction but the dynamic behavior was very bad for our application . i saw the next explanation in the datasheet :

"The high-pass filter can be set to the fast settling option, allowed to converge to zero offset, and then set to any other high-pass filter option while maintaining near zero offset"

what is fast settling option? does that mean to dynamically  turn on/off the HPF.?


thank you very much