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OSD for ADV7625: Display Error

Question asked by SamLiao on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal

Hi all:


     I have some problems about ADV7625 ,  please help:

          with blimp, design a page like this(show in Blimp OSD Emulator):



     when put the generated code of blimp into BF700 to control ADV7625, display like this:



     the location & size & color of OSDBox isn't right and the OSDLabel isn't  display, when used a OSDImage, there will be a error happen.

     But I can control the display with RemoteKey Press.


     Please tell me how to solve this problem?


PS: my blimp version is 3.9.5886.28108 SP1