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High-speed TTL ADC

Question asked by liorg on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by DougI


I would like to convert the analog output of a PDB460C-AC photodetector into digital pulses. I use it to track a nearly sinusoidal signal modulation that occurs at ~200 kHz and would like to track it with at least 8 bit precision, so my sampling rate should be 100 MSPS or higher. Each bit should be fed into a separate coaxial cable, so a parallel interface is required. Importantly, the output should be TTL or TTL-compatible (VOL-max=0.8 Volts, VOH-min = 2 Volts), into a load with an input impedance of 110 ohm.

AD9012 may have solved my problem but is obsolete. Can you please suggest a non-obsolete ADC evaluation board whose output could be TTL-compatible? I've failed to find one through the parametric search engine.


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