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output resistence of ADA4870 in shutdown mode

Question asked by on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by rvieja

Hello Sir,


I want to use ADA4870 as bus interface-driver in my equipment.My equipment communicate to other equipments via a  twisted-pair ,and transformers are included in the twisted-pair.

If I want to send some data to the bus,I set ADA4870 in active mode and send data bytes to the  twisted-pair .When the transmition is finished ,I want to shutdown ADA4870 to reduce the power dissipation.

I must keep the same resistence peformence neither the ADA4870 is in active nor in shutdown mode.

So,l must know more details circuit structrue about the output pin of ADA4870 .

Waiting your reply!