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cross compiling of existing code base and dependencies to run on SC589 ARM core

Question asked by bschiett on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by Aaronwu

We have an existing code base in C/C++ which uses the JUCE GUI toolkit. The code compiles fine on desktop linux, and I've managed in the past to set up a chroot environment for a quad core ARM board with a specific distribution, such that I could compile ARM versions of libraries I needed in order to build the JUCE toolkit and build our application, which requires JUCE.


I'm now considering using the SC589 instead of a regular ARM processor and would like to do the same thing: set up a build environment in which I can build the JUCE GUI toolkit and then our application, such that it will run on linux, running on the ARM core of the SC589. Later on the plan is then to move the DSP code onto the DSP cores of the SC589 and just have the main application logic/gui stuff running on linux on the ARM core.


My question: how do I set up the build environment such that I can build the necessary libraries (dependencies) for ARM, which are required by the JUCE toolkit, such that I can then build JUCE itself and finally our application, which requires JUCE?


What I want to know is what the recommended way is to build libraries such as freetype, x11, xinerama, xrandr, xcursor, mesa, libasound2, freeglut3, libxcomposite, etc.


To make our existing code base run on linux, we have to build all these libraries for the ARM core in the SC589 or we have to be able to fetch the correct compiled versions from some online repository.