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ADAU-1452 Compressor Booming

Question asked by skhan on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by DaveThib

Hallo Everyone

I am using ADAU 1452 Miniz evaluation board with sigma studio 3.12

So i am trying to implement an stereo system with Dynamic Bass Boost (DBS) Block for increasing the bass boost depending on the input level. I have a volume control to control the input level. My DBS settings are as follows

Frequency : 200 Hz

High Threshold : -12 dB

Time Constant : 25

Low Threshold : -30 dB

Compression : 4

Bass Boost : 12

Frequency : 70

The problem starts when i put in a compressor in my output. The whole sound level just booms. It just goes higher in level. I am using a standard RMS compressor with the following settings

RMSTC (ms) : 72

Hold (ms) : 0

Decay (ms) : 869

Soft Knee Graph

I have a volume control (no slew) to control the output level just before the compressor. Any suggestions why it is doing like this.