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Problems communicating with HMCAD1511 via SPI

Question asked by pkopyt on Jul 12, 2016
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We have been experimenting with HMCAD1511 ADC. It is installed ona  custo-made PCB to be connected to a separate board with Xilinx Spartan-6. Before we start connecting it with the FPGA in order to deserialize data, we wanted first to test the HMCAD1511 applying the starting sequence, and trying to switch between modes, putting it to sleep, waking it up etc. through SPI interface. We are having some trouble with this, though.


What would certainly help at this stage is to get an access to the source code used to control the EVAL board of the HMCAD1511. I wonder if anybode has the code and can send it. In the past, when I was working with some ADC from TI, getting access to the C- and VHDL code operating the PC and the FPGA part of the evaluation board pack proved to be a greeat healp. I do hope that some source code for the HMCAD would be equally helpful.


I also wonder if anybody had some problems with SPI and HMCAD1511 that were solved with some undocumented trickes etc. Maybe the docs available are not the most up to date. Any hints are appeciated.


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