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[BF70x] Problem with fir example from DSP Run-time Libraray Reference

Question asked by RomanR on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by MikeP


have a problem with this example:


#include <filter.h>

#define NUM_SAMPLES   256
#define NUM_COEFFS    89
fract32 input[NUM_SAMPLES];
fract32 output[NUM_SAMPLES];
#pragma section("L1_data_a")
fract32 coeffs[NUM_COEFFS];
#pragma section("L1_data_b")
fract32 delay[NUM_COEFFS];
fir_state_fr32 state;          (Type 'fir__state_fr32' could not be resolved)          
int i;
for (i = 0; i < NUM_COEFFS; i++) /* clear the delay line */
  delay[i] = 0;
fir_init(state, coeffs, delay, NUM_COEFFS, 0);(Field 'fir_init(state, coeffs, delay, NUM_COEFFS, 0)' could not be resolved)
fir_fr32(input, output, NUM_SAMPLES, &state); 


I try to use fir_fr32 library function in my application, and the compiler knows fir_state_fr32 type, but cannot initialize state:

Field 'fir_init(stateL, coeffs, delayL, NUM_COEFFS, 0)' could not be resolved.

(coeffs, delayL are fract32 arrays)


Please, help me.