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Question about a supplying power to IDAC of ADuCM320

Question asked by Se-woong on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by MikeL



My customer use ADuCM320 at their Optic Module.

At this module, they don't use IDAC function of ADuCM320.

So PVDD Pins of ADuCM320 are connected to AVDD_REG1 output.



Now they are trying to modify to use IDAC function at their new optic module.

But they don't want to change many things in their existed design.


For this reason,  they have some questions to use IDAC function.


Pease refer belwo their schematics and questions.


1) Could they use IDAC function with the output of AVDD_REG1?

2) If they can use this, how much IDAC current can they use?

3) If they can't use this, would you let me know your advices about using IDAC function?




Please advise me ASAP.

They are changing their existed design now.

So they need your answers ASAP.