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DPI pins high during after reset

Question asked by Tom00 on Aug 2, 2011
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I have a customized board with a 21469, where the DPI pins 12 and 13 are used as outputs. One requirement is that the DPI pins must not stay high during/after reset. On the board both pins have a pull up resistors.


Is it correct to use the init sequence from below, or do I need to bypass the default DPI config?

Actually I do not understand the DPI pins configuration (input or output) after the default DPI SRU routing. (I use LP booting.)

DPI_P12: input ???

DPI_P13: output high???





// setting flag pins as outputs

sysreg_bit_set( sysreg_FLAGS, (FLG0O|FLG1O| FLG4O|FLG5O) );


// setting flag pins to 1

sysreg_bit_set( sysreg_FLAGS, (FLG0, FLG1 |FLG4|FLG5 ));


// map flags to DPI pins




// enabling the buffer using the following sequence: high -> output, low -> input