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I would like to know how to calculate measurable range of capacitor in AD5933

Question asked by JIMMYKOREAN on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by AnneM

Hello, My name is Jinhwan


I know that how I can set the calibration of resistor from AN-1252.


For example Zmin=1k, Zmax=45K, I got the value of Rcal = 13K, RFB=670ohm from

formula of AN-1252. So, I could get the accurate value of resistor between the Zmin

and Zmax.


However, when I set Rcal = 13K, RFB=670ohm, I didn’t know the how to calculate

measurable range of capacitor. As I mentioned, in case of the resistor, I already know

the range of resistor.


If you have a time, could you explain how I can calculate measurable range of

capacitor between the Rcal=13k and RFB=670ohm. Although I looked at the AN-1252, I

didn’t know that.


Please help me.


I will wait for your answer.