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ADAU1702 with Alps EC11E15204A3 rotary encoder?

Question asked by mantabernd on Jul 11, 2016
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I actually tried to realize a volume control with a alps rotary encoder (EC11E15204A3) and the rotary encoder feature of Sigma Studio.

Unfortunately it didn't work.


I connected it like on this app note on page 3, figure 3:


GPIO8 and 9 were used in sigma studio, both were configured as GPIO Input with debounce (I also tried without debounce).


Is it possible with this rotary encoder?
To solve my problem on a quick way I used a regular potentiometer and controled the volume with a ADC. This was working quite perfectly. But in my final design I would prefer a rotary encoder.



Thanks a lot in advance.
Greetings from Germany.


Bernhard Waechter