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BLIP board Evaluation

Question asked by thgelada on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by npai2

I tried to evaluate the functionality of the BLIP board.

Using the default firmware of the board it seems that there are some issues when the system tries to count people.

When 4 people came into the viewing area of the camera the system failed to count them. Even when only 1 person was in the viewing area, the system failed to count him correctly under different circumstances. As I was not sure what is the exact firmware of the board I tried to upgrade it with "IOS_Indoors_realtime_BLIP2.dxe" following the info given in "IOS-Training.pptx" file but I was always receiving an error message stating:


Error: processor 'ADSP-BF707' is not supported

Supported processors:


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Any idea of what went wrong?