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AD5142A startup wrong RDAC value

Question asked by Pingky on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Pingky
1) Main problem is start AD5142A with wrong numbers in RDAC. INDEP pin =1.

   1 $5E,$14,$CF (I2C Addr, Command+Address, Data) write 207 to Raw1

   2 $5E,$10,$CD     write 205 to Rwb1

   3 $5E,$74,$01 and $5E,$70,$01  (copy to EEPROM)


4 turn off /on power supply

5 check EEPROM = $CF   and $CD

6 check RDAC $32 $  and $CD

After "software reset" or "copy EEPROM to RDAC comand" correct numbers  fall to RDAC!

It seems that AD5142A starts in potentiomerter mode (RAW = RAB − RWB)and after reset shift to linear mode!



2)why controll register read operation shows 0x13 , what mean D4 register ?

3) In article "EEPROM OR RDAC REGISTER PROTECTION"  written that registers can be protected by disabling any update to these registers by using software or by using hardware.

Customer asks how that can be done by hardware?