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ADL5380 RF balun

Question asked by limni on Aug 2, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2011 by limni

I'm considering using ADL5380 in a direct Rx conversion architecture.

Frequency renage of interest 1.8GHz-3.06 GHz.

Could I use TC1-1-13 as RF port balun for the whole useful range?

I've noticed a large balun phase imbalance & insertion loss degradation at 3 GHz.

Which are the recommended RF balun specs for demod RF port?

How RF balun specs degradation affect to tal demod performance?

Could I use 3600BL14M050 Johanson balun for 2900 and larger freq. and 1850BL15B050 balun for the lower frequency range of interest?