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SC58x Linux: install gdb-arm-none-eabi fail in Ubuntu14.04 32bit

Question asked by PorcoRosso on Jul 7, 2016
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I am using an Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine with VirtualBox to get up and running my development environment

following the instruction from the document

Linux Add-in User's Guide > SC58x EZ-Kit Linux Quick Start Guide


Following the steps described in the paragraph: 3.3 Loading U-Boot With GDB

and launching the command:

arm-none-eabi-gdb u-boot-sc58x-ezkit-lpc

I got:

The program 'arm-none-eabi-gdb' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:

sudo apt-get install gdb-arm-none-eabi


So I installed the gdb-arm-none-eabi but I got an installation problem and reporting the problem to Canonical redirected me on this bug:

Bug #1482286 “package gdb-arm-none-eabi not installed failed t...” : Bugs : gdb-arm-none-eabi package : Ubuntu


Any advice on how to solve this issue?


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