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Low Latency High-Speed ADC and DAC

Question asked by ricky on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by tonyr

Hi All,


One of my customer is looking for low latency high-speed ADC and DAC.

His application is to capture high frequency signal by high-speed ADC and the data is processed by FPGA and output control signal from the FPGA and is converted to high-speed DAC. This is a feedback control system for high frequency radar system testing.

Because of the feedback control system, the delay time from input of ADC to Analog output from high-speed DAC is very important.

His requirement is >=1GSPS, >=12bits, simple ADC and DAC function, no filtering and frequency converter are needed.

I picked up the following high-speed ADC and DAC for this application.


AD9234: 12 bit 1 GSPS, Delay min=55 clocks

AD9680: 14 bit 1.25 GSPS, Delay min=55 clocks



AD9789, 14 bit 2.4 GSPS, Delay min=7 clocks

AD9735/6, 12/14 bit 1.2 GSPS, Delay min=32 clocks

If you have any other recommendation for this application, please advise me.


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