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Running GRC flowgraph on PC host ZC706/FMCOMMS3

Question asked by marcinsztajn on Jul 6, 2016
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I am begginer with the GNU Radio and FMCOMMS. I want to create a system where everything will be processed on my PC with Linux OS which will be connected by ethernet cable to ZYNQ but I found it very difficult. I do not exactly know is it possible cause I could not find anywhere in the internet an example like this. I created a connection p2p and I can generating singnals from PC by using ADI Osciloscope and everything work great but I want to use a GNU Radio I my project. I am trying to run my application on the Petalinux on ZYNQ but the parameters are not satisfying.

So my question is there a chance to run my flowgraph from remote PC with GNU Radio and transmit signals from fmcomm connected to ZYNQ?

If it is please tell me how steps should I do to reach my goal.