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we have a problem with device ID reading interface with saml21 and 7124-8

Question asked by krishna007 on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by krishna007

we have a problem with device ID reading when i interface with SAML21 xplained board with ad7124-8 evaluation board

i was getting a device id is 0x02 which is not correct, since device id for 7124-8 is 0x12.In samL21 i configured spi for 1Mz

and read and write seems proper.After resetting the device by sending 64 consecutive  bits i was reading the read register

which was 0x02.


Here is the snippet of the code.


spi_select_slave(&spi_master_instance, &slave, true);    // chip select low api for sam L21


AD7124_Setup(ad7124_handler, AD7124_SLAVE_ID, (ad7124_st_reg *)&ad7124_regs);//adc set up will call adc reset function.


regs = ad7124_handler->regs;

ret = AD7124_ReadRegister(ad7124_handler,&regs[AD7124_ID]); // Reading the register


adcID = regs[AD7124_ID].value;


Please help.