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Development/Evaluation Board for Feedforward Adaptive Filtering ANC Project

Question asked by unh-audio-ee on Jul 6, 2016



I’m looking at utilizing a DSP or FPGA to implement a feedforward Filtered-X Least Mean Square (FxLMS) adaptive filtering algorithm. For inputs, I’m using four microphones, two for each ear-cup on a set of headphones, a primary and a secondary (error) microphone, which means the DSP would need to run two instances of the algorithm. I’m using this to achieve some level of noise reduction for a senior capstone project, that a person could audibly hear. I’ve looked at the Sharc processor development kits, (with multiple DAC’s, ADC’s, and low latency audio CODEC’s), I’m unsure of a suitable, single evaluation/development board to utilize for this project. What would you suggest for this design? I’d be using separate boards for low pass filters and output headphone power amplifiers.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated-