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Troubles/Questions  AD9913 Eval Board

Question asked by Cdeprez on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by JLKeip

Hi everyone,


I bought an AD9913 Eval board and I have a few qeustions about it. I am also in trouble with it and I would like to find solution to be able to use my chip properly.


First, I used differential ouput has a master clock frequency and the board worked perfectly well.


Then, I tried to use the Manual I/O mode and I realised thath whatever I asked the software to do when I clicked on "Read" on the Control Window the parameter were always the same ("Xtal in PLL Enabled"). So I thought, that to use Manual I/O mode I had to enable the crystal.


This morning, I followed the instruction to enable th board crystal (as described in the Eval board Datasheet). SInce this operation, I have not been able to control my DDS anymore. No matter the Clock mode is (using the crystal or a differential input) when I try to write a new frequency in Single tone mode, it doesn't work and as soon as I click on the "Read button" the single tone frequency goes to 0 which mean that no writing has been done.


My questions are ?


What should I do to be able to change the frequency of my DDS ?


Can I use differential clock inout if the crystal has benn enabled ?


Is the X crystal mode the default mode and the only mode we can use with Manual I/O ?



Finally, why in the scrolling menu there are 2 Xcrystal Mode for both PLL unabled and PPL enabled ? What are the differences between each ones ?


Thank you for your help