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ADV7182 MUX Working

Question asked by suhas.vuon on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by joe.triggs

We are working on a project which contains 4 CVBS Cameras connected to ADV7182 Video Decoder, Parallel output of which is connected to Microcontroller and Wirelessley Transmitted.                                                                                            We are having some doubts regarding ADV7182's working and its functional description as mentioned in data sheet. I have listed the query below.

1. As mentioned in the datasheet it is a 4channel Video Decoder. But nowhere mentioned how to get all 4 cameras' digitized output at the same time.

2. In the block diagram it is described as 4 camera inputs connected to multiplexer which is in-turn connected to an ADC. How does it process all the four inputs? What's the Multiplexing scheme? What's Time taken to Digitize Inputs?

3. It also says, if CVBS input is selected remaining channels are powered down. If this is the case how to process remaining channels?
4. Datasheet Describes about Manual Muxing but no information about Automatic Muxing.

5. INSEL[4:0] Register is used to select different inputs, and you can select only one input at a time, Then how to process 4camera inputs simultaneously?

6. If you can process all the four camera inputs simultaneously, What will be the Output format? How it processes the data, frame by frame or time to time?


So these are the major doubts regarding ADV7182's working, These unclear things are questioning the architecture of our project.

So please Help us in this issue.