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ADuM4135 break down

Question asked by mikaelhansson on Jul 5, 2016
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I have designed in ADuM4135 for a half bridge pulse generator. I have problem with the IC breaks down. At this writing I have blow up probably about 50 IC during prototype testing. The IGBT:s survives almost every time

- I have tried both with and without Desat and Miller clamp.

- I have decoupling capacitors very, very close to pin, even tried to solder direct on pins

- I have back diode at Desat input to not get problem with negative spikes

- Have about 20kV/µS, should be well below spec

I'm using a bit higher supply Voltage than stated in app notes, I have +20V/ -6V What I can see this is also

well below spec?

It seems like the output stage goes to short circuit. Sometime I also have noted a latch up, the driver stop working

and draws much current, but after power cycling it works again.


What can be the reason? Any ideas?


Best regards